Martha Coakley: “We need to get taxes up”

The quote from Coakley is not new, but appears in a new ad paid for by the American Future Fund.  The ad has outraged Democrats, especially John Kerry.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., is condemning the ad, citing links between American Future Fund personnel and the group that attacked his Vietnam Swift Boat exploits during the 2004 presidential campaign.

“George Bush-Karl Rove shadowy attack politics have no place in the race for Ted Kennedy’s seat or in Massachusetts politics,” Kerry said in a statement. “When Bill Weld and I ran against each other for the Senate (in 1996), we kept our word to keep the outside groups out of Massachusetts.”

Shadowy?  It’s a direct quote.  I don’t see Kerry or other Democrats condemning interim Senator Paul Kirk for his blatant violation of the bill enacted by the Massachusetts legislature which expressly prohibits him from endorsing any candidates in the special election – which he did yesterday.  Take a wild guess who he endorsed.

Here is the ad:

Martha The Ice Queen wants to raise your taxes.  Scott Brown wants to cut them.  It’s that simple, folks.