Martha Coakley: “We need to get taxes up”

The quote from Coakley is not new, but appears in a new ad paid for by the American Future Fund.  The ad has outraged Democrats, especially John Kerry.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., is condemning the ad, citing links between American Future Fund personnel and the group that attacked his Vietnam Swift Boat exploits during the 2004 presidential campaign.

“George Bush-Karl Rove shadowy attack politics have no place in the race for Ted Kennedy’s seat or in Massachusetts politics,” Kerry said in a statement. “When Bill Weld and I ran against each other for the Senate (in 1996), we kept our word to keep the outside groups out of Massachusetts.”

Shadowy?  It’s a direct quote.  I don’t see Kerry or other Democrats condemning interim Senator Paul Kirk for his blatant violation of the bill enacted by the Massachusetts legislature which expressly prohibits him from endorsing any candidates in the special election – which he did yesterday.  Take a wild guess who he endorsed.

Here is the ad:

Martha The Ice Queen wants to raise your taxes.  Scott Brown wants to cut them.  It’s that simple, folks.


24 thoughts on “Martha Coakley: “We need to get taxes up”

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  2. Too bad Scott Brown seems like such a lousy candidate. Although I suppose oosing a sense of entitlement never hurt in Massachusetts politics.

  3. Hey Al,

    Brown’s an awesome candidate. Try paying attention before you spout off.

    We’re trying to pull off a miracle here and the last thing we need is friendly fire from like-minded folks.

    It’s not like the RNC was offering us any help.

  4. She will be beholden to the SEIU. They have troops on the ground for her right now.

    I have a feeling the police officer who the president insulted will not be voting for her.

  5. As a conservative exilled Massachusetts native I am outraged, that Kerry is outraged.
    One day the bay state will wake up and realize that decades of tax and spend liberlism, entitlements, nepotism and cronyism have created a bankrupt state rather than the utopia some would have you believe.
    Will Coakley debate Brown one on one as the race tightens? Doubtful.

    Congrats on the instapundit link Loppy.

  6. Another politicians stating they want to reduce taxes. And more transparency. When are we going to wake up that unless they actually point their finger to a policy we will get NObama again. You only have to look at the Republican majority of the past to realize they’re all baloney. IRS Form 1099-GOV for all recipients of government “redistributed income” and absolute compliance with Freedom of Information Act requirements for all recipients of government monies. Period.

  7. Check out the editoral in the Globe this AM. When the Globe is down on the Dem in the race, that’s news. Don’t understand why there isn’t more big hitters in the State with what is at stake?

  8. “George Bush-Karl Rove shadowy attack politics have no place in the race for Ted Kennedy’s seat or in Massachusetts politics,” Kerry said

    Is that what it will be called in perpetuity…Ted Kennedy’s Seat? Will all candidates have to first get approval from the Kennedy clan?

  9. Al – don’t be a dope – Scott Brown’s a solid pro business, small gov’t, fiscal conservative. I’ve known him for years. Lt. col. in MA Nat’l Guard. Leader of a very small contingent on GOP state senators.

  10. There’s an air of buoyant fraud ‘bout Massachusetts;
    A curious place I wouldn’t want to live.
    While they scoff at men like Bennett,
    Moby Dick spouts in the Senate—
    —Their bridge to power; no sin they won’t forgive.

    Years past, the place was known as Taxachusetts;
    Excessive rates would make the spenders grin.
    Not a care for business’ grieving
    Ah, but when they started leaving…
    Well, lets just say pols jumped to rein it in.

    Why single out the state of Massachusetts?
    For elitist crap it’s something of a base.
    True, such arrogance—gross or fine-cut,
    Tars the other forty-nine, but
    Old Cape Cod and all, sports so much in one place.

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    • She might be honest…but, she is wrong. Increasing taxes on a declining tax base means fewer jobs, less business profit and further reduced state income. Really. You can look it up. Or, read Hayek, Friedman, Mises, Lewis and many others.

  12. What is it with New England voters? Is there a secret club that enjoys shoving pins into their own flesh? Oooo,she thinks we don’t pay enough taxes, I’m for that!/ Banish these commies who have absolutely no concern for you, your health or freedom.It is all about power and control.

  13. Viewing this from across the border, one would really hope that the voters of MA. wake up and see that Brown is the ONLY choice for them.

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