MA Democrats Scheme To Delay Brown Swearing In To Pass Health Care

The Hacks on Beacon Hill appear to be preparing a contingency plan to pass health care should Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley on January 19th.

At a business forum in Boston Friday, interim Sen. Paul Kirk predicted that Congress would pass a health-care reform bill this month.

“We want to get this resolved before President Obama’s State of the Union address in early to mid-February,” Kirk told reporters at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast.


“Absolutely,” Kirk said, when asked if he’d vote for the bill, even if Brown captures the seat. “It would be my responsibility as United States senator, representing the people and understanding Senator Kennedy’s agenda. . . . I think you’re asking me a hypothetical question but I’d be pleased to vote for the bill.”

When are these people going to get it through their heads that the seat never belonged to Ted Kennedy and his agenda/intentions died with him. 

Friday, a spokesman for Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin, who is overseeing the election but did not respond to a call seeking comment, said certification of the Jan. 19 election by the Governor’s Council would take a while.

“Because it’s a federal election,” spokesman Brian McNiff said. “We’d have to wait 10 days for absentee and military ballots to come in.”

Another source told the Herald that Galvin’s office has said the election won’t be certified until Feb. 20 – well after the president’s address.

Since the U.S. Senate doesn’t meet again in formal session until Jan. 20, Bay State voters will have made their decision before a vote on health-care reform could be held. But Kirk and Galvin’s office said Friday a victorious Brown would be left in limbo.

In contrast, Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) was sworn in at the U.S. House of Representatives on Oct. 18, 2007, just two days after winning a special election to replace Martin Meehan. In that case, Tsongas made it to Capitol Hill in time to override a presidential veto of the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Scott Brown is furious – rightly so.

“This is a stunning admission by Paul Kirk and the Beacon Hill political machine,” said Brown in a statement. “Paul Kirk appears to be suggesting that he, Deval Patrick, and (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid intend to stall the election certification until the health care bill is rammed through Congress, even if that means defying the will of the people of Massachusetts. As we’ve already seen from the backroom deals and kickbacks cut by the Democrats in Washington, they intend to do anything and everything to pass their controversial health care plan. But threatening to ignore the results of a free election and steal this Senate vote from the people of Massachusetts takes their schemes to a whole new level. Martha Coakley should immediately disavow this threat from one of her campaign’s leading supporters.”

Again we see how the goalposts are always moved to benefit the Democrat machine in Masachusetts.     And it is clear that they are willing to do anything to advance their leftist agenda locally and nationally.


4 thoughts on “MA Democrats Scheme To Delay Brown Swearing In To Pass Health Care

  1. By this bit of dirty shell game politics alone you would think the voters of MA have had enough.This is a preview of how the ’10 and ’12 national elections will be jury rigged,mark my words.

  2. Time to break out my canned response…

    WTF!!!….. when are these people voted out of office… STUPID voters….

    thanks I feel better 😉

  3. Hey all!!
    VT, I have been thinking for a while now that the Dems seem unconcerned with the poll numbers because they think/know they are going to win the next elections by any means, fair of foul.
    I think you may be spot on.
    I dont think Mass is as blue as everyone thinks. Our biggest problem here is that the conservative voters do not bother to go out and vote, because they have been so programmed to think it is a waste of time, the state is so blue, that it does not count. I have lived here all my life, and I find, on average more conservative than liberal folks, and I meet lots of them. They don’t bother to vote. The GOP should bombard this state with that message, starting now and not giving up until after Nov. ’12

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