Shocka! Boston Globe Poll Has Coakley Leading Brown By 15 Points

I don’t buy it.  It’s old, there is no breakdown of party affiliation and it’s the Boston Globe so don’t worry.  This is the Globe’s screaming headline today and it is meant to discourage Brown supporters from voting.

The poll, conducted Jan. 2 to 6, sampled the views of 554 randomly selected likely voters. The poll has a margin of error of 4.2 percentage points. 

Which would bring it closer to the Rasmussen numbers.   Until we see a breakdown of party affilitation I am ignoring this because it just does not jive with what I’m seeing and hearing on the ground here.

Update:  Read the comments on the Globe site.  Nobody elese is buying it and the Globe trashing is classic.


4 thoughts on “Shocka! Boston Globe Poll Has Coakley Leading Brown By 15 Points

  1. GASP!! Not the GLOBE??? That bastion of Truth, Justice and the American Way?? // (Has Totten gone missing, yet?)
    HA, nice try, take a look at the comments over there, it is all Brown.

  2. Assuming all 236 Globe readers voted in this Globe reader/ likely voter poll, I am surprised by the small point margin, only 15%.

  3. Note this tidbit, buried in paragraph 10:

    Roughly a quarter of those surveyed have not yet made up their minds, and Brown matches Coakley – both were at 47 percent – among the roughly 1 in 4 respondents who said they were “extremely interested’’ in the race.

    Who but the “extremely interested” will slog out to vote in a special election in January? Brown’s supporters are highly motivated. I predict a narrow victory.

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