Worcester Telegram Endorses Scott Brown

The same paper endorsed Kerry and Obama.

The special Senate election on Jan. 19 presents Massachusetts voters with an opportunity to send a message to the rest of the nation that it is time to curb the bad habits of Washington and bring a measure of thoughtful balance to this state’s delegation on Capitol Hill. On a number of critical issues, including health-care reform, taxation, immigration, job creation and national security, Congress is likely to face razor-thin votes in the months and years ahead that will involve billions of our dollars and profoundly shape the nation’s economic prospects and the freedom and security of all Americans.

There is no question that with the passing of Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts lost one of the most powerful voices ever to serve in the Senate. Any candidate seeking to succeed him will need years of experience and a gift for reaching across the political aisle if they hope to approach the level of influence he wielded. Given the serious issues that face our nation, and the deep ideological divides that have riven Congress, we believe that state Sen. Scott Brown is the best choice to reinvigorate Massachusetts’ voice on Capitol Hill. 

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The times they are a changin’.


3 thoughts on “Worcester Telegram Endorses Scott Brown

  1. How far along in the process are we in terms of endorsements? Have other Massachusetts newspapers endorsed Brown? Granted we can pretty much forget about the Boston Globe, but there’a always the Boston Herald, Springfield Republican, Lowell Sun, Greenfield Recorder, North Adams Transcript and papers from other less-blue parts of the Bay State.

  2. This is becoming a national election. Wake Up MASS he could be the 41st vote and defeat healthcare!! We need to get out and vote!

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