Rasmussen: Coakley leads by Two UPDATE: Coakley on Call To Donors: Brown Surge Is “Frightening”

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I am starting to think Brown is unstoppable.

Rasmussen Reports, whose poll showing Republican candidate Scott Brown sparked the current round of Democratic panic over the Massachusetts Senate race, is out with a poll showing Democratic candidate Martha Coakley up by only two points. The results, with trends:

Martha Coakley (D) – 49 (-1)
Scott Brown (R) – 47 (+6)

All of that comes after Coakley, roused from what Democrats admit was a fairly lazy campaign, launched new TV ads.

Washington Independent via Ace of Spades

Do you believe in miracles?

Update:  During a private call with DNC chair and heavies, the Ice Queen sounded the alarm.

Happy Hour Roundup via The Patriot Room

* More Dem urgency over Massachusetts. On a private conference call with DNC chair Tim Kaine and top Dem donors this afternoon, Dem Senate candidate Martha Coakley acknowledged that GOPer Scott Brown’s surge was “frightening,” said top Dem donors had been complacent, and promised a last burst of TV ads to close out the race.

“It’s a little frightening how much traction he’s been able to get so quickly,” Coakley said on the call, which I was able to listen in on this afternoon, adding that he’d successfully used terror and joblessness to stoke voter fears.

Coakley also pleaded with donors to come through with last-minute funding for what she said would be an extremely pricey home-stretch. “It’s astounding how expensive this is,” Coakley said, saying additional TV ads are on the way. “We can’t stress enough how urgent it is. We need $400,000 in additional TV, $325,000 in getting out the vote mailings, and $80,000 in robocalls.”

Kaine, for his part, told donors Dem leaders are “cautiously optimistic.”

Martha hit the Panic button.

 Thanks to Ace  for the link!


4 thoughts on “Rasmussen: Coakley leads by Two UPDATE: Coakley on Call To Donors: Brown Surge Is “Frightening”

  1. “Do you believe in miracles?”

    Yes, just as I believed in Kirk Gibson in the bottom of the 9th inning of game 1 of the 1988 World Series (could that have been 21 1/2 years ago?).

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