Scott Brown’s Daughters Respond To Coakley Ad: “Completely Offended”

This afternoon Scott Brown’s two daughters, Alya and Arianna responded to Martha The Ice Queen’s attack ad in which she charges that Brown supports denying emergency contraception to rape vitctims.

“My dad would always stand up for the rights and needs of rape victims, and he’s kind, understanding and he’s a very compassionate father and man,” said 21-year-old Ayla Brown. The Boston College senior is something of a local celebrity after becoming a semifinalist in the 2006 edition of TV’s “American Idol.”

“Martha Coakely’s new negative ad represents everything that discourages young women from getting involved in politics. And as a young woman, I’m completely offended by that,” Ayla Brown added.

Arianna Brown, a 19-year-old freshman at Syracuse University, stood beside her sister and said: “My dad is a loving man who is a father. He is a husband, he is a soldier and he is a dedicated legislator. He is a man who cares deeply and would do anything for the three woman (in his family) and the other women of this country.”

The Coakley camp was mum as of the time of this post.  They must be too busy fixing the spelling of Massachusetts in the graphic of the ad.


2 thoughts on “Scott Brown’s Daughters Respond To Coakley Ad: “Completely Offended”

  1. Martha Coakley seems to have the ethics and personality of a python in heat. I am glad I sent money to Brown this morning (and to his website not through the RNC).

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