Coakley Blames Brown Camp For Negative Tone

This is rich.

Attorney General Martha Coakley accused GOP rival Scott Brown’s supporters of triggering campaign mudslinging in the U.S. Senate race as Brown’s daughters scolded Coakley for the negativity in a new radio spot.

Coakley, speaking at the Kit Clark Senior Center in Dorchester, called Ayla and Arianna Brown’s claims “inaccurate.”

“We were running a very positive campaign until an outside force by an extreme right Republican group came in and distorted my record. I don’t take that lying down,” Coakley said. “I’m going to come back at people misstating the facts and whether it’s Scott Brown or people supporting him, I’m going to let voters know who Scott Brown is and where he really stands.”

This is a typical liberal tactic.  Accuse your opponent of being negative while you are slinging the mud.  It was her campaign released the first negative ad.  It is her campaign who is being funded by the SEIU who paid for another negative ad.  It was her staffer who assaulted a reporter.


4 thoughts on “Coakley Blames Brown Camp For Negative Tone

  1. This is also blame game 101. She was one of 10 kids right? I’m sure she learned early on, that even if she did something wrong, the first kid to come in screaming about the other(s) got some bit of initial sympathy. Same here.

  2. Let her continue her babble,not worthy of answering. Stick to the issues Scott and remind your opponent to do the same.

  3. Leftists also have a cute definition of “negative” campaigning. If you mention anything about them, like their voting record or what they have said, anything the lefty doesn’t want the voter to know, it’s “negative campaigning.”

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