Coakley: There Is No Way In Hell Massachusetts Is Going To Send A Republican To Washington

This pronouncement came on the heels of her telling local officials “Massachusetts needs Martha Coakley to be the next senator!’’

Both quotes appear in a failed attempt by The Boston Globe to make Coakley more human and likeable.  The puff piece does just the opposite. 


Coakley leaves quickly, hurrying through a reception downstairs, passing up the refreshments, shaking maybe a few hands on the way out. On the front steps, she rubs elbows with city councilors and School Committee members. She gives the mayor a comradely hug and a peck on the cheek. Then she is gone.

The appearance characterizes Coakley’s approach to this truncated race. Aware that she has little time for the hand-shaking and baby-kissing of a standard political campaign, she has focused instead on rallying key political leaders, Democratic activists, and union organizers, in hope they will get people to the polls.

“Do you know where Coakley went?’’ a man asks. He wants to get another picture of her. He chases her black Ford Taurus and tries in vain to wave it down.

Relying on the purple shirt pinky ring brigade and hack machine while she avoids meeting voters.  How’s that strategy working out for you, Martha dear?

Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that. “This is a special election. And I know that I have the support of Kim Driscoll. And I now know the members of the [Salem] School Committee, who know far more people than I could ever meet.’’  “This is about getting people out on a cold Tuesday morning,’’ she says.

In the cold?  With those commoners?  At a sporting event? The horror!

She metes out details of her life sparingly outside the spotlight (“I love skiing, I love going to the beach, I love to spend time with my husband,’’ she told one television interviewer in a practiced delivery). She has spent a lot of time in the public eye, at homicide scenes, in courtrooms, announcing indictments or convictions. These duties, she says, have left little room for personality or levity.

“I understand that my role as US senator will be very different,’’ she says. “We’ll work on that.’’

She’ll work on appearing less frigid?  Not possible.

The positive mood is overshadowed by a poll that seems to suggest the gap between Coakley and Brown is closing.

“We do have a race,’’ she tells supporters, urging them to mobilize voters. “If we do not understand that we have a race, then we will not win it.’’

It is as close to fiery as she has come in a week of public appearances. The real fire is reserved for a small meeting of local officials, behind closed doors, in a room next to the rally.

“Massachusetts needs Martha Coakley to be the next senator!’’ she says, her voice rising. “There is no way in hell Massachusetts is going to send a Republican to Washington!’’

The 10 people in the room holler, cheer, and applaud. They believe her.

Welcome to hell, Martha.


5 thoughts on “Coakley: There Is No Way In Hell Massachusetts Is Going To Send A Republican To Washington

  1. The ground swell of support for Brown is like the Redsox winning the WS. Something I never thought I would see.

    Doug Flutie endorses Scott Brown. I went to Natick High with Flutie. He’s a good person.

  2. God, I envy you. Oregon’s still listing to port despite all the evidence that that’s a sure way to sink. Hell, we’re trying to outdo Michigan in unemployment and clueless liberal governors. Once you elect Brown, send us his campaign manager.

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