Bombastic Barney: Demented Right Wing Source Behind Rumors That Democrats Would Delay Brown’s Certification

Classic Bombastic Barney.  After he insults the reporter and her paper, he goes on to say:

“That is insane.  The suggestion could only come from a demented ring wing source.  There isn’t the slightest possibility of it happening.  That is a conspiracy theory and it’s most contempable.”

The problem with that, Barney, is the source for the “conspiracy theory” is none other than Massachustts’ interim Senator, Paul Kirk:

At a business forum in Boston Friday, interim Sen. Paul Kirk predicted that Congress would pass a health-care reform bill this month.

“We want to get this resolved before President Obama’s State of the Union address in early to mid-February,” Kirk told reporters at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

The longtime aide and confidant of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who was handpicked by Gov. Deval Patrick after a controversial legal change to hold Kennedy’s seat, vowed to vote for the bill even if Republican state Sen. Scott Brown, who opposes the health-care reform legislation, prevails in a Jan. 19 special election.

“Absolutely,” Kirk said, when asked if he’d vote for the bill, even if Brown captures the seat. “It would be my responsibility as United States senator, representing the people and understanding Senator Kennedy’s agenda. . . . I think you’re asking me a hypothetical question but I’d be pleased to vote for the bill.”

And why would the people of Massachusetts believe the Democrats would try something like this?  The fact that there is even an interim senator in the first place says it all. 

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate poetic justice if Scott Brown beats Coakley when it was the Democrats who changed the rules twice to benefit them and their scheming blows up in their hack faces?

One thought on “Bombastic Barney: Demented Right Wing Source Behind Rumors That Democrats Would Delay Brown’s Certification

  1. What is a typical Barney Frank voter like? Come to think of it I do not think I would like to meet one. You cannot invent a jerk like Frank if you wanted to. He is a parody of a parody.

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