Clinton, Special Envoy To Haiti Hobnobs With Rich Dem Donors While Haitians Suffer

Special Envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton, came to Boston today to campaign for Martha Coakley in the midst of a humanitarian crisis in Haiti.  The event took place at the posh Fairmont Copley in the Back Bay.  This while Haitians are suffering through a living hell.  I wonder if this will make the Haitian community in Boston more or less likely to vote for Coakley on Tuesday.

The pictures speak for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Clinton, Special Envoy To Haiti Hobnobs With Rich Dem Donors While Haitians Suffer

  1. You did attend this rally for a reason – and life & politics in the US/Massachusetts still continues despite all natural disasters.

    It is important to the Democratic party to make an impact on the upcoming election, and if Former President Clinton can help by endorsing Martha Coakley, he’d be there, and he was. If you were there and listened to his words that day, he did say that he was there just for the rally but would be immediately back to work on his leadership efforts regarding Haiti’s situation (and he and Coakley made points to speak about Haiti and asked the supporters to make contributions during the rally as well). Just because he was in Boston on Friday doesn’t mean he’s being neglectful – he’s actually a better man by playing a role in all that he can in the things that he stands for.

    So don’t editorialize the images to try to lead readers to believe that he is being negligent. And furthermore, include credits to where you took the photos from – because it is obvious that neither were taken by you.

    • I didn’t attend the rally. And your own media wing, MSNC was fretting over the optics of the Clinton visit. Have you seen the video of all the progressive, caring Coakley supporters leaving the event while the Haiti relief efforts were being discussed? A campaign staffer had to beg them to stay. Real nice.

      • You can’t see from the pictures I took, but there is a massive painting of Lincoln to the left of the stage and Washington to the right.

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