Gaffetastic! Coakley Disses Curt Schilling, Calls Him A Yankees Fan

Another very bad day in a very bad week for Martha Coakley.  First an ad which superimposes Scott Brown’s face on a picture of the World Trade Center and now this.

In the intensifying Democratic precriminations game over who to blame if Coakley loses, here’s one for the blame Coakley camp: On another talk radio show, “Nightside With Dan Rea,” Coakley jabs Rudy Giuliani as a Yankee fan, then goes on to describe Brown supporter Curt Schilling, the great former Red Sox pitcher, as a Yankee fan as well.

The host sounds incredulous — “Curt Schilling? The Red Sox great pitcher of the bloody sock?” — and Coakley initially sounds unfamiliar with him. She eventually reverses herself, but it’s an odd moment in a state that was transfixed by Schilling’s performance in the 2004 World Series, where he helped the Red Sox win for the first time since 1918.

Listen to her gaffetastic comment here. 

This is Coakley’s second diss of the Fenway Faithful in a matter of days.  First she scoffed at the suggestion that she mix with the commoners at Fenway Park  – in the cold.  And now she calls Curt The Warrior Schilling a Yankees fan.  Her campaign staff must be drinking Pepto by the gallon.


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