Busy morning here so please enjoy this new Scott Brow ad called “Momentum.”  It takes place in South Boston – traditonally a Democrat stronghold. 


It would be oh-so sweet if Brown carries Southie.  It is the home of countless MA Hacks (D), the most famous being Billy Bulger (AKA The Corrupt Midget) whose serial killer mobster brother, Whitey, is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.


4 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. South Boston? Wasn’t that the place where the Fed Judge Arthur W. Garritty tried to ram forced busing down the throats of the residents there? Why are they still Democrats?

  2. If I understand the first link correctly – the son of a mobster and the brother of a mobster are discussing the fillings of a waitress sandwich?

  3. Everbody’s talking that Browns up Martha’s

    She’s a moonbat and clown

    Push back at state hacks

    Tookies out and that’s that.

    Islamo terrorists

    Obamo statists

    All we are saying is give Scott a Chance!

    All we are saying .. give Scott a Chance!

  4. Looks like the Dems may have to win this election the old-fashioned way —- massive fraud.

    Even so, the message to the Politburo in DC is clear:
    We don’t like you. We really don’t like you.
    Not even Massachusetts likes you.

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