Scott Brown: The People’s Rally

I just returned from Scott Brown’s The People’s Rally in Worcester.  Thousands of supporters waited outside holding signs, waving flags, cheering, chanting “GO SCOTT BROWN” while cars drove by laying on their horns, hanging out the windows with their Brown signs.  They opened the doors and (according to an usher’s estimate) a lucky 300o of us got in.  The overflow crowd walked over to the Crowne Point hotel to watch via video, unlike the Obama/Coakley event at Northeastern in Boston where they couldn’t even fill the room.

There is no way I can adequately describe the mood in the hall.  The people were so fired up – it was electric!  The lineup went as follows:

Lenny Clarke, former Patriots players, John Ratzenberger (Cliff Claven from Cheers) Doug Flutie, Curt Schilling then the man of the hour, Scott Brown.

Video of his speech here. 

Transcript of his speech here. 

I was able to get some pictures, but my camera is a hunk of junk so the quality isn’t great.

Brown supporters swarming the bus outside the hall

Outside the hall

This guy was a crowd favorite!

Outside the rally

Lots of homemade signs like this guy’s

Lining up

This same scene was happening on the other side of the street where I was standing

Inside the hall

Waiting for Scott

I met these lovely ladies inside – they are sisters.

Scott Brown addressing the crowd

Brown after the rally, signing autographs (I got one!)

Brown with a young supporter (who says only the Democrats get the youth vote?)

Brown signing a giant banner

This is a UNION guy voting for Brown

My favorite sign


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