Today Is The Day

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Although the polls show Scott Brown with a lead, we must take nothing for granted and fight until the very end.  That means YOU Massachusetts voters.  Get out and vote –  find out if your relatives or neighbors need a ride to the polls and get them there.  Hell, if you need a ride to the polls and you live within an hour of me I’ll drive you myself.  Send me an email at

The number for the Brown campaign HQ is 781-444-0200 – they will make sure anyone and everyone who wants to vote has a ride to the polls.

The voter assistance hotline number is 877-505-2010

This is our chance to let our voices be heard and to send a message to the hacks on Beacon Hill and the machine in Washington D.C. that there is a new day dawning in America and we will no longer sit back while our government ignores our will with impunity.

As Scott Brown so eloquently put it during the debate, this is The People’s Seat.  We, the people deserve a voice.  Let your voice be heard today!


9 thoughts on “Today Is The Day

  1. Er um does anyone know where Dad left the rufies?

    Marcia can have dad’s seat… I want the fentynal and oxies he didn’t use.

  2. Great job covering this special election Loppy. The entire country is waiting to hear “The Scott heard round the world.”
    Go Scott Go!

  3. The eyes of Texas are upon you Massachusetts! Loppyd, thank you for the campaign coverage and letting us get a sense of the excitement. Awaiting the closure of the polling places with happiness and a very small amount of fear! LOL

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