I’ll Have The Martha Chokely Sandwich, Please.

Very busy here getting caught up from the lost days leading up to and following the election.

In the meantime, enjoy this Boston Globe article detailing the moonbat mourning from Amherst to Cambridge.

They filed in and out of coffeehouses, all but crying in their cappuccinos, barely touching their carrot cake muffins, still in shock that Scott Brown – a Republican! – had been elected to the US Senate in the state that pioneered universal health care, legalized same-sex marriage, and normally sends 12 Democrats to Congress.

In the days since the unthinkable happened, diehard Democrats have been forced to confront results that suggest Massachusetts votes much the way rest of the country does – blue on the edges with a big red swath in the middle. They have grappled with the possibility that the Commonwealth, until this week viewed by the much of the country as an outpost of extreme liberalism, may not be all that. And that has left them blue – in the other meaning of the word – over Martha Coakley’s defeat.

The horror.  A Republican.  Welcome to my world.  How’s the view from the other side?

In Amherst, Seamon, owner of The Black Sheep, was planning to put a new item on the menu to express his disappointment in the Democratic candidate: The Martha Chokely sandwich.

I’ll have one of those to go, please.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Have The Martha Chokely Sandwich, Please.

  1. OT,

    Glen Beck is a jackass. First there was his domineering interview with Sarah Palin, now he’s launching bizarre and hysterical attacks on Scott Brown and his family.

    I really wish Beck would go away. He’s a total flake and loose cannon. Beck’s desire to create a “conservative” third party would have done nothing but ensure unassailable Democratic majorities. As for the Beck supporters who may disagree, I offer this warning: Manic and unstable personalities like Beck tend to shift their political allegiances on a dime. Don’t be surprised one day to wake up and find the “rodeo clown” on the other side of the political fence.

    Remember Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson used to be “conservatives” too.

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