Technical Difficulties

Internet has been down since Friday, but up and running now.  We will return to our normal schedule tomorrow.

In the meantime, feast on Howie Carrr’s takedown of Barry’s behavior in the wake of Scott Brown’s awesomely awesome victory Tuesday.

Can we start calling Barack Obama “embattled” yet?

Hey, Mr. President – the first thing you have to do is figure out where somebody hid all your ties. That Ahmadinejad look didn’t go over big here in Boston a week ago, and it certainly didn’t cut it in Elyria, Ohio, on what you must have figured was “casual Friday.”

You wanted to be The Man? Well, The Man wears a tie, OK.

For a guy who ran on hope and change, Barack is looking rather hopeless. As for change – well, how about that Scott Brown? And how long has it been since you saw this phrase in print: R-Mass.?

Last weekend, Barack didn’t appear to know Scott Brown’s name, although to be fair he also fumbled with the names of both the state he was in and the senior senator. By Wednesday, Barack was as shameless as Bill Hudak in trying to hitch his imploding star to Brownie’s 2005 GMC Canyon truck.

Read on.


7 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Just wanted to say real quick thanks for your work regarding the Brown campaign. I no longer live in the commonwealth and thus was ineligible to vote (altho’ that wouldn’t have stopped ACORN if they thought I was gonna vote for Coakley), so the best I could do was make some informal ‘get out and vote’ calls to friends and relatives….not to mention keeping the liberal family members dispirited enough over Coakley’s prospects that they don’t even bother going out to vote. That must’ve been amazing…hoping against hope that you were going to witness some historic upset firsthand- kinda like 2004, maybe?

  2. You were missed Lopps!

    Fenway_Nation (none of my business) – but how can you still stand that place You know what I am referring to)?

  3. Scipio wrote:

    Fenway_Nation (none of my business) – but how can you still stand that place You know what I am referring to)?

    Heh….if it’s where I think you’re talking about, I couldn’t. Last month I decided to make a clean break from that place, but after Brown was elected the siren song of schadenfreude was too much to resist. The butthurt was strong that night, as a certain husky, pony-tailed blogger was blaming Brown’s win on the nefarious ‘tea-baggers’. I called him out on his glaring ignorance of Bay state politics and the Mass electorate…and just to get in one more kick while everybody was down, I hysterically reported that Brown was a high-ranking member of a secretive milita made infamous by clashing with authority figures shortly after its formation- and linked to the Massachusetts National Guard homepage.

    I’ve also been guilty of transgressions like posting on here, Jammie Wearing Fool, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Correspondence Committee….all formed by those banned from that place. Hell, I even got a hat tip from Malkin over an article about an SEIU- affiliated union backing Brown. Not like I was trying to be coy about it, since all one had to do was click on my name and be brought back to the same blog I was pimping a few months ago on the other….place.

    • Fenway_Nation

      Congratulations on getting out of there with your sanity intact. I noticed your posts the past several months and I kept thinking to myself “this guy is marked for death!”

  4. Thanks loppyd and scipio….but who ever said my sanity was intact in the first place? BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

    But threatening to block my account only works for as long as I hold any value on my account. Not only won’t that dog hunt, that dog lost its teeth some 6 months ago.

    • He is a narcissistic bully. There was a world before we joined that place and we will survive after that place is long gone. He does make as if blocking ones account is similar to receiving a death sentence.

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