Of course. Jailed Hack (D) and Tax Cheat Hack (D) Sponsor In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants Bill

It’s baaaack.  The hacks on Beacon Hill are once again trying to enact legislation which would provide in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  The sponsor of the Senate version is none other than ex-State Senator, Anthony Gallucio of the famous Colgate Defense.  Gallucio is currently a guest of the Commonwealth – residing at the Billerica House of Corrections.  The sponsor of the House version is deadbeat tax cheat, Marie St. Fleur.

Howie Carr was on the case in his column yesterday:

Like a bad penny, the in-state-tuition-for-illegal-aliens bill is back, and who do you suppose is, or was, its lead sponsor in the Senate?

Sen. Anthony D. (for Drunkard) Galluccio. That’s right, the now ex-senator, formerly of Cambridge, now of Billerica, as in the Billerica House of Correction.

Do you suppose Jail-uccio ingested a bad ice cube, or at least some high-octane toothpaste, before he scrawled this legislation giving foreign freeloaders yet another handout?

Sadly, he was unable to testify in favor of his own bill because he’d already made his one phone call of the day.

Then there’s the companion bill in the House, H. 1175. Its lead sponsor is Rep. Marie St. Fleur (D-Dorchester). Remember her? She wanted to run statewide in 2006 until it was discovered that she had $40,000 in unpaid student loans, a $12,700 lien on her home for unpaid federal taxes, had failed to pay excise taxes in the city . . . shall I go on?

By its sponsors, ye shall know a bill.

More benefits for illegals.  Just what Massachusetts voters want to see in the middle of a recession with unemployment here at 9.1%.  Keep it up hacks.  November isn’t that far away.


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