Finally. Senator Scott Brown (R) Massachusetts

Today marks the end of 57 years of Kennedy or Kennedy stooge rule for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

If anyone wants to better understand why so many Massachusetts citizens are sick and tired of the Kennedys and the Democrat hacks on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill, look no further than Massachusetts Secretary of State, Bill Galvin’s snotty lecture to Brown during the certification of his election this morning:

“I’d like to call on Senator Brown now to respect the rights of the majority,” Galvin said. “I hope that we will be able to see an up or down vote on all the nominations of President Obama and that the rights of the majority that are being respected here will be respected by the United States Senate and Senator Brown.”

Not to be outdone, I just saw Senator Liveshot Kerry whining for the cameras about Brown’s push to be sworn in today as opposed to next week, calling it insensitive

“Let me first thank Paul Kirk for his remarkable service. It’s rather unfortunate that with less than 24 hours’ notice, his entire office has to clear out,” Kerry said. “It might have been done a little more sensitively and thoughtfully. But I think (Kirk’s) service has really done Massachusetts proud, and we need to be very, very grateful to him for that.”

Kerry emphasized he did not begrudge Brown for deciding to come to the Senate early.

“There are votes coming up, and that’s how you measure what people are going to do around here,” he said. “I suppose he wants to be a part of those votes, and he has every right to be. I understand that. Everyone here will welcome Scott Brown with open arms. We want to work with him… All I’m saying is we had agreed, all of us, that we were swearing him in on the 11th of February. And everyone was working towards that date, including the people in Paul Kirk’s office. And then, in less than 24 hours, they’re told they’re out. That’s hard for people, that’s all.”

Boo freaking hoo.  You know what it is insensitive, John F-ing Kerry?  That you and your fellow Democrats on the Hill ignored the will of the people of Massachusetts and scheduled crucial votes after Brown was elected, allowing the unelected and illegitimate Kirk to be the 60th aye – once again giving us the middle finger.  Be prepared for us to continue to return the favor next November.

Best of luck, Senator Brown.  I know you will make us proud.


6 thoughts on “Finally. Senator Scott Brown (R) Massachusetts

  1. Congratulations, loppy! And thanks for your role in getting him elected….

    Since I no longer reside inthe Commonwealth, I can’t say I played much of a role in the election- just a few ‘get out & vote’ phone calls to some people who’s minds were already made up (and encouraging my more moonbatty relatives that Coakley was a lost cause and they might as well stay home on the 19th).

    I did talk to the head of the Bekshire County GOP- man for a bit…that was like talking to the Maytag repairman.

  2. I saw today on C-SPAN Senator John Kerry’s speech to the U.S. Senate enshrining Senator Kirk’s service to (fill in massive, global constituency here), and enshirining the beloved staff he inherited from Senator Kennedy. By the way, hasn’t the word, “smart” endured enough Progressive abuse? If not, it took a few more lashes from Senator Kerry today.

    Perhaps Teresa’s husband hears footsteps as the date approaches to run for the other seat from Massachusetts. Maybe he too will locate the ejection seat button. Doubtless his parachute is golden.

    Maytag repairman? Oh, the guy who waits for calls to fix a reliable mechanism that needs no repair? Of course!

  3. Awwww, Ds “feeling” all hurt and sensitive, what a shocka. As if Marsha Coakely would not have been rushed into the chamber at light speed had she been elected. Kirk, Kirk who?

    Watch your back Scott and beware of insiders bearing gifts.

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