You Lie! Obama “agnostic” On Raising Taxes For Those Who Earn Over $250,000

On the campaign trial, Obama repeatedly made the promise that nobody making less than $250,ooo would see their taxes go up “a single dime.”   Now he’s backing off the promise.  Shocka.

President Obama says he will be “agnostic” about whatever his reduce-the-federal-debt commission recommends — including the idea of higher taxes for households making less than $250,000 a year.  

“What I want to do is to be completely agnostic in terms of solutions,” Obama told Bloomberg Business Week in interview excerpts released today. “I want everybody to sit down and work off of a common base of facts.”

 The question dealt specifically with households making less than $250,000; Obama promised during his presidential campaign not to raise taxes on that group.

Read my lips, Barry:  YOU LIE!


3 thoughts on “You Lie! Obama “agnostic” On Raising Taxes For Those Who Earn Over $250,000

  1. The SOB also has plans to sneak through silent taxes on the American public. Mr. and Mrs. Middle America you who voted for this Socialist, bet you wish you could have your vote back!

    Recall when GHW Bush reneged on his “read my lips no new taxes” and was pilloried by the media (and even his own party), well the media is awfully silent about Obama’s lie. You can bet that Olbermann will not be saying “You sir are a liar!”

  2. He’s even dumber than I thought.

    I was almost 100% certain he or Pelosi would invent some new, punitive and stealthy tax for most of the middle class and simply call it a ‘fee’.

    BTW….that illustration makes it look like Barry has a poo-nose, which makes it even funnier.

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