Evan Bayh Vindicates Scott Brown While Slamming Stimulus

It appears as though Evan Bayh isn’t buying the jobs saved or created BS coming from the White House, either.

Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is retiring, but he’s not the retiring type, ridiculing congressional job creation efforts on “The Early Show.”

“If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months,” Bayh said.

You may recall Scott Brown making the same claim during his swearing-in news presser which brought on cries of foul from the White House, lefty bloggers and the MSM.  As with Bayh, Brown was referring to private sector jobs – not hacks whose jobs were “saved” with stimulus cash.

Bayh has left Democrats in a major pickle and now they are out for blood.

“It is hard to stomach lectures from Sen. Bayh on Jobs. For most Americans, if they were as unproductive in their jobs as Bayh has been in his, they wouldn’t have the luxury of quitting — they would be fired.”

Bitter much?  Pass the popcorn!

Left-Wing Nutty Professor Updates: Mother Was On Braintree Personnel Board In 1986, Delahunt Suddenly Remembers The Case

This is starting to reek of a cover up.

Bishop’s mother was on the Braintree Personnel Board when her daughter shot her son to death in 1986

Also yesterday, new details emerged in the bizarre saga. Anderson told the Associated Press the couple had recently gone to a shooting range, but he didn’t know where she got the gun she used for target practice that day.

Bishop blasted her 18-year-old brother Seth with a shotgun in their Braintree home in 1986 in what was ruled an accidental death. She was later questioned about the 1993 attempted bombing of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, a Newton Highlands physician who evaluated her doctorate work at Harvard University.

Braintree Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan announced Sunday law enforcement is “conducting a full and thorough review” of records relating to Seth Bishop’s death after Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier said Amy Bishop’s mother, Judith Bishop, sat on the city’s politically wired personnel board at the time of the shooting.

Bill Delahunt has had a miraculous mental breakthrough and suddenly remembers the case and of course he’s blaming the police for his lack of investigation and/or prosecution of Bishop.

U.S. Rep. and former Norfolk District Attorney William Delahunt yesterday backed off earlier claims he didn’t recall the 1986 shooting death of Amy Bishop’s brother, with a top aide now saying police downplayed the need for further investigation.

Mark Forest, Delahunt’s chief of staff, said both state and local police told the former top prosecutor they believed Amy Bishop, then 20, had accidentally blasted her 18-year-old brother, Seth, with their father’s shotgun.

“They pretty much found the death was accidental and there was no need for further action,” Forest told the Herald.

Pretty much? That’s convincing.  And just who were the state and local police officers who told Delhaunt that it was, like, pretty much, like an accident?