Left-Wing Nutty Professor Updates: Braintee Police Reports Found, D.A. Says She Should Have Been Charged, Bishop Went Moe Green At IHOP

The Braintree mayor says the missing police reports were found with a retired Braintree cop.

Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan said the missing files were found with an unnamed, retired Braintree police captain.

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The name of this police captain must be released and any possible connections to the Bishop family need to be investigated.

Current Norfolk County D.A., William Keating, says police should have at minimum charged Bishop with assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Keating said last night the reports indicate Bishop, then 20, at a minimum could have been prosecuted for assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm after she told cops she shot a hole in the chest of her only sibling, Seth Bishop, 18, with the family’s shotgun on Dec. 6, 1986.

But Keating said the statute of limitations has expired on those charges, as well as manslaughter based on reckless conduct.

In 2000, Bishop was charged with assault and battery after she pulled a Moe Green at the IHOP in Peabody.

Bishop was charged with assault and battery for a March 2002 incident, in which an enraged Bishop unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against a mother whose child got the last booster seat at the Peabody International House of Pancakes, according to a Peabody police report.

She yelled “I am Amy Bishop” and then punched the frightened mother in her head. When police questioned Bishop, she claimed to be the victim, the report stated.

Prosecutors asked that Bishop, who received probation, take anger management classes. It is unclear if she did.

If the classes were a condition of her probation she would have been required to take the classes and to provide documentation to her probation officer or be found in violation.

She was a menace in her former Newton, MA and Huntsville, AL neighborhoods as well.

During the mid-1990s, when the couple lived in Newton, they called the cops twice – once to report a “suspicious vehicle idling in front of the home,” and again when Anderson complained about an unruly MBTA bus driver who he claimed nearly ran him down.

In Huntsville, neighbor Sherry Foley, 63, recalled that Bishop wrangled with another neighbor over a barking dog.

“Amy Bishop got all bent out of shape because she said his dogs were barking and disturbing her,” Foley said. “She would call him every hour on the hour. They weren’t even his dogs.”

This self-absorbed, paranoid, abusive, dangerous woman has been terrorizing innocent people since at least 1986.  How she was able to procure a job in an academic environment after the 2002 incident is going to be yet another question of which the families of Bishop’s victims deserve an answer.