Obama’s Numbers Sink To Unprecedented Lows


Gallup has Obama’s approval at 49% with 43% disapproving.

Selzer and Company and Rasmussen show a similar downward trend.

President Obama’s approval ratings have hit an all-time low, indicating that the White House faces a tough job as it tries to gather support this week for both a jobs bill and a revised health-care bill.

A new poll from Iowa-based Selzer and Company shows that since November, Obama’s approval rating among Iowa independents dropped sharply from 48 to 38 percent — reaching its lowest level yet.

Similarly, Rasmussen Reports’ latest release of its nightly automated tracking poll yesterday showed that the number of people who “strongly approve” of the president’s performance reached an all-time low of 22 percent, down from a high of 45 at the beginning of his presidency.  At the same time 41 percent “strongly disapprove” of his performance, with remaining voters falling in between.

“Overall the president’s numbers have been between the mid and upper 40s since around Thanksgiving — they tend to get a little lower when health care becomes the primary focus, as it is now,” said Scott Rasmussen, founder of Rasmussen Reports. “The health-care debate has overall captured a lot of people’s frustration … I think people are concerned that the president would like the government to assume an even greater role in the economy than now, and it’s firing up voters.”

Meanwhile, Bam continues to bleed idepependents.   

The new Iowa poll focused how independents feel about Obama.

“This is quite a precipitous drop, there is a loss of confidence — a sense among people that they drank the Kool-Aid, and now there’s a real sense of disappointment,” said Ann Selzer, president of Selzer and Company, which conducted the latest study of Iowa independents.

“His overall job approval rating is at 46 from a high of 68, and has been under 50 percent for some time now. He’d already lost whatever Republican support he had. He is holding onto some Democratic support, there are some people who are still holding out hope, but it’s really the independents who have changed their minds,” continued Selzer. “They’re not tied to any one party, and here in Iowa you are judged not only on what you do but on how what you do is being talked about.”

Otherwise rational thinking people who were swept up in the wave of Hope and Change are coming out of the ether and waking up to reality that they were duped.  You know what emotion almost always follows embarrassment?  Anger.  Not good for Obama.  Not good for Democrats this fall.

Bishop Blame Game: Delahunt, Former Braintree Chief Start Pointing Fingers

Steel cage match, Hack edition.

“Bill Delahunt should know the facts a lot more before he shoots his mouth off,” retired Braintree police Chief John Polio said. “I was hoping that Delahunt would take the high road. But he does what he often does and took the low road.”

Don’t we know it.   

Delahunt, the Bay State congressman who formerly served as Norfolk district attorney, broke his silence on the Bishop case yesterday and stood by his office’s handling of the 1986 shooting death of Bishop’s 18-year-old brother, Seth.


If an arrest had been completed and charges of assault with a dangerous weapon had been filed . . . the district attorney’s office . . . would have requested psychiatric evaluation of Miss Bishop. We can speculate what that might have revealed,” Delahunt said.

The shooting was ruled accidental, but reports showing she fled the house wielding a shotgun and menaced two men, including a car dealer from whom she allegedly demanded a getaway car, remained hidden until last week.

“I thought we handled it appropriately, given the information we had,” Delahunt said.

Polio was having none of it.

Polio, 87, said he “never ordered Amy Bishop released” from custody following the shooting and claimed that decision was made by the head of detectives, Capt. Theodore Buker, who has since died.

In a written statement, Polio said he believes all Braintree police reports were either turned over to the lead investigator, State Police Detective Brian Howe, or withheld by Buker. He also said his understanding was the probe was taken over by Howe and the district attorney. Delahunt said Howe claims he’s never seen the reports.

Even if Delahunt himself did nothing wrong, this press is not good for his already poor chances of winning reelection in November.  I predict he will be making an announcement that he wants to spend more time with his good buddy Hugo and announce his retirement plans before Easter.