Norfolk DA Orders Inquest Into ’86 Bishop Shooting

As evidence that Amy Bishop intentionally shot her brother mounts, the Norfolk County District Attorney has ordered an inquest. 

Investigators have discovered evidence they say suggests Amy Bishop may have purposely shot her brother with a 12-gauge shotgun in 1986, prompting Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keating yesterday to initiate a judicial inquest into the death, which had been ruled accidental.

Keating said his investigators enlarged crime scene photos and, next to 12-gauge ammunition in Bishop’s bedroom, found a news article that chronicled a crime spree similar to Bishop’s actions on the day of her brother’s death. He said the story could reflect Bishop’s intent.

Bishop took her father’s shotgun on Dec. 6, 1986, and loaded it in her bedroom before fatally shooting her 18-year-old brother in the kitchen of the family’s Braintree home. She then ran to an auto dealership, where she held two workers at gunpoint and demanded a car.

Keating declined to identify the news article or publication. A search of news reports published at the time shows that two weeks earlier, the parents of the actor who played Bobby Ewing on the popular television show “Dallas’’ were killed by an assailant wielding a 12-gauge shotgun, who then held up a car dealership, stole a pickup truck, and fled.

Sound familiar?

The inquest will be conducted by a judge with subpoena power and based on the judge’s findings, the D.A. will decide whether to impanel a grand jury.  Don’t expect to see Bishop in a Massachusetts courtroom anytime soon, though.  She’s got some unfinished business to tend to in Alabama.


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