State Trooper Closed Bishop Investigation When Braintree Police Failed To Provide Requested Files

The Massachusetts State Trooper assigned to investigating Amy Bishop’s fatal shooting of her brother says he closed the case after his repeated requests for the Braintree police reports were blown off.

In his first extensive public comments since Bishop allegedly killed three people in a February shooting rampage in Alabama, Brian L. Howe said yesterday that he repeatedly asked Braintree police for their files on the case but never got them.

“ ‘We’re putting them together; we’re putting them together’ – that was the response I got,’’ Howe said.

After four months, he said, he just closed the case and ruled it accidental. Despite his responsibility as lead investigator under state law, he said, he ultimately decided to put his trust in what the Braintree police had told him, that it was a tragic accident.

So he threw his hands up in the air and closed the file?  Did he never think to drive over to the Braintree Police HQ and demand the files?  Did he never think to call his boss, Bill Delhaunt (D-Hackville), and tell him he was getting the run around from the Braintree P.D.? It’s not like a State Police investigator or the district attorney do not have enough clout to get reports from a local police department when investigating a shooting death.

Howe goes on:

“I conducted myself in an honest and professional manner in this investigation, as expected by a member of the Massachusetts State Police,’’ he said. “Any suggestion to the contrary is ill informed and malicious.’’

Howe said, however, that he now believes that the delay in getting him the reports may not have been administrative. Braintree police “certainly withheld things,’’ Howe said. “Why, I don’t know.

“I think it’s a valid conclusion that they did not give me the reports for a reason.’’

Ya think?


One thought on “State Trooper Closed Bishop Investigation When Braintree Police Failed To Provide Requested Files

  1. Whenever I get a document request from the Police, IRS etc..that’s the stalling tactic I use. “Still getting my papers in order”. The IRS usualy goes away after 5 years….. of me in jail! Police same thing. BTW What’s the statute of limitations on murder? Four months? Cool!

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