The Boston Globe Whines About Scott Brown’s Committee Assignments

Their beef?  Brown was appointed to committees that are tasked with defending our country from people who want to kill us and supporting the veterans who have sacrificed life and limb keeping us safe – as opposed to committees that give away free stuff.

This is good news, of course, for the state’s many defense contractors, and there’s no questioning the importance of these assignments. Brown, a former army JAG lawyer, will have a chance to build on his knowledge of defense-related issues and, over time, play a substantial role in foreign policy.

The problem is that his fellow Massachusetts senator, John Kerry, is already exerting maximum clout on foreign policy as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, meaning that the state’s Senate delegation is tilting too far overseas. Kerry’s specialty in foreign policy worked well when he was partnered with Edward Kennedy, who was the leading domestic-policy legislator of his time. From his perch on what is now called the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Kennedy influenced much of social policy for the last half-century. He also tended assiduously to Massachusetts’ giant health-care industry, directing billions of federal dollars a year to local hospitals and laboratories.

Yeah, that John Kerry is a powerhouse of accomplishments in the foreign policy arena.  I wonder if they include faux covert missions to Cambodia in their list? 

The Globe can’t stand the fact that Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley and that Massachusetts is at long last being represented by someone who understands the very real threats our country faces and the need for a strong national security policy. 

To borrow a phrase from their Messiah, Barack Obama.  Sorry, but we won.


3 thoughts on “The Boston Globe Whines About Scott Brown’s Committee Assignments

  1. The Globe is like the dim-witted child of the NYT. A sad world we live in when John Kerry is considered a powerhouse, or a foreign policy expert.

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