Husky Blogger Desperately Tries To Link Pentagon Shooter To Tea Parties, “Far-Right”

The Husky Blogger is at it again.  He just knows the Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell, was a far-right, Tea Partier because…he hated George W. Bush.  But that’s not all.  The Husky Blogger purports to link Bedell’s audio rant to a website he has never posted at because his words sound like comments that would be posted there.

These statements show an extreme right wing libertarian, the kind of person who posts comments at the Campaign for Liberty website. Hatred for George W. Bush is widespread among this group, so the fact that he was anti-Bush definitely does not put him in the “left wing” camp — as many wingnut bloggers seem desperate to do.

That’s quite a leap, but not at all surprising for someone who believes there are Neo-Nazis lurking in the background at all Tea Parties and drops the race card more often than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson combined.

And that minor detail of Bedell being a registered Democrat?  Irrelevant.  Because…..he hated George W. Bush.  Natch.

To sum up, Bedell’s party registration tells you absolutely nothing about where he lies on the political spectrum. His actual words, however, paint a very clear picture of an anti-government right wing extremist of the Ron Paulian persuasion.

So in the Husky Blogger’s ponytailed head, Bedell was a pot-smoking, 9/11 truther who happened to be a registered Democrat who also happens to be far-right, Ron Paulian, Tea Partier even though there is no proof whatosoever of any connection to Ron Paul, “far-right” groups or the Tea Party movement.

Because he says so.  Got it? 

Welcome to the world of cognitive dissonance that reigns supreme at that place.

(I will not be linking to the site – feel free to go there yourself if you like reading drivel that makes your hair hurt)

And now I bid you adieu.