Harvard University Has Received $121 Million In Porkulus Funds

Obama’s alma mater was only second to UMASS in its porkulus cash. 

Massachusetts’ top universities and hospitals are getting a healthy dose of federal stimulus spending, leaving some hard-hit blue-collar workers wondering where the money is for “shovel ready” construction jobs

The University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and Boston universities, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital all ranked within the top 20 list of state recipients of federal stimulus funds last quarter – hauling in a combined $554 million in government grants, according to a Herald review. 

The vast majority of the money to universities and hospitals is slated for cutting-edge scientific and medical research as well as purchases of high-tech lab equipment, according to federal data.

A large chunk of UMass’ money went to general operations, to avoid hundreds of layoffs at the system’s schools, while tens of millions of dollars is earmarked for medical and scientific research.

It’s hard to complain about hospitals such as Children’s or Dana Farber receiving funds that will go toward advancing medical research for curing cancer or juvenile diabetes, but this is not what we were told the money was for.

One thought on “Harvard University Has Received $121 Million In Porkulus Funds

  1. This is nothing more than a scheme to replenish the coffers after Madoff scammed Harvard out of millions. As for the others Loppy, I seriously doubt most of this money will be used for the public good.Some of it will probably “disappear.”Hospitals and unis love flaunting big fat bank accounts. It is not the taxpayers duty to fund these entities as government holds a gun to our heads.

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