Jonah Goldberg: What Emergency?

Jonah Goldberg’s take on the frenzied final push for ObamaCare:

The time for talk is over.

So proclaimed the most talkative president in modern memory. I can’t remember when Barack Obama said that. Maybe it was during the first “final showdown” on health care. Or maybe it was the third. The fifth? It’s so hard to tell when pretty much every week since the dawn of the Mesozoic Era, Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid has proclaimed that it is now Go Time for health-care reform.

So you’ll forgive me if I’m somewhat skeptical about the possibility that the health-care reform debate is about to come to an end.

The president recently said, “Everything there is to say about health care has been said, and just about everybody has said it.”

But wait. If everything, pro and con, has been said about the subject, by everybody, that means someone isn’t telling the truth, right?

Read on…

As of yesterday, the House vote counter admitted that the votes still are not there while Dough Boy Gibbs declared ObamaCare will be law by next Sunday’s morning news shows. 

Keep the heat up on the Blue Dogs.  Remind them that Scott Brown received donations and volunteer support from across the country and, for many, their sole motivation was to kill ObamaCare.  If they vote for this, the same people’s sole motivation will be to elect Republicans to repeal it.  

Contact list of Blue Dog Democrats.

7 thoughts on “Jonah Goldberg: What Emergency?

  1. Isn’t 0bama postponing some State visit to Asia to try and see this turd through? Wonder which one of our allies [or creditors] over there we’re pissing off so he can stay here a few extra days and try to arm-twist, browbeat and lecture the public or the blue dogs into getting his way?

    • Private sector jobs don’t fit into Obama’s plan. Except for the necessity of funding the government Obama has no use for the private sector. I hope all those independents are happy they voted this turd into office. Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1929.

  2. Mass will take a MASSIVE hit under Obama care.

    Jobs and Federal Funding. The funding cuts will force hit the hopsitals that serve the neediest hardest.

    Any takers the with exception of Scott Brown and maybe Stevie Lynch the rest of the Mass congression district votes for this.

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