House Switchboard Getting 40,000 Calls Per Hour After Rush Limbaugh Gives Out Number On Air

Remember when the MSM was wondering (wishfully thinking) if Rush had become obsolete?

 House administrators estimate that Capitol switchboard operators are fielding roughly 40,000 calls per hour from constituents and that perhaps twice as many callers are experiencing busy signals a full day after radio host Rush Limbaugh gave his listening audience the Capitol switchboard phone number and encouraged them to call it.

That means that in an eight-hour window, the Capitol is being deluged with more than 300,000 phone calls, said Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the Chief Administrator’s Office. The barrage is about 10 times what the switchboard usually receives, he added.

“This doesn’t surprise me. It’s going to be that way all week, until they vote [on health care reform].  No doubt about it,” he said. “For everyone who doesn’t get through, they’ll just say to themselves, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’”


Keep them burning.  The main number is (202) 224-3121.

Please see the previous post for “undecided” House members who need special attention.


5 thoughts on “House Switchboard Getting 40,000 Calls Per Hour After Rush Limbaugh Gives Out Number On Air

  1. Thanks for the info lopps. Unfortunately most are busy signals and a few don’t answer. I hope this does not mean they have taken their phones off the hook ala that beast in Louisiana.

      • I have yet to call, but I’ve sent off e-mails to McMahon, Maffei, Altmire, Cardoza, Costa and others….

        Some of these guys’ offices in DC and their home districts have toll-free numbers, for whatever it’s worth:

        Boccieri; Canton, OH- (800) 826-9015
        Ethridge; Raliegh, NC- (888) 262-6202
        Cardoza; Stockton, CA- (800) 356-6424

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