Obama And Democrats Flip Us The Bird; Pass ObamaCare

House Democrats have once again ignored the will of the people.  ObamaCare is the law of the land.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend the same flaming bird to all of the Republicans who stayed home in November ’08 to prove a point.  Happy now?  You all deserve ObamaCare and I hope you are among the first to enjoy it in its full nightmarish glory.


4 thoughts on “Obama And Democrats Flip Us The Bird; Pass ObamaCare

  1. Quite concur! Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver commies, you’ll need it when we boot you to the curb in November.

  2. I’m not sure what’s worse….the fact that it passed or the fact that the WH and MSM will act like it passed by such an overwhelming majority in the most clear, above-the-board and transparent process because it’s the will of the people, donchyaknow?

    Seriously- aren’t you glad that those of us who work now get to subsidize the $14 a day Krispy kreme habit of chunky, middle-aged ponytail-sporting douchebag bloggers who traded in their 10-speed for one of those rascal scooters?

      • Congress still would have pulled the same bullshit and McBane would have voted for it.

        As sucky as the O-Care is. The dems own it.

        Thanks to Scott Brown and the Tea Partys, the effete Husky blogger wing of the Republican Party is on the outs.

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