Maddow Calls Scott Brown A Creep For Using Senate Run Rumor To Raise Money…In Full-Page Ad To Promote Her Crappy Show

This is rich.  The rumor that Maddow is so offended over was started by a  Tweet from the MA Democratic party chairman and furthered by a liberal talk radio host.

“The idea that the Democrats are to blame for this doesn’t even make sense. It’s ridiculous,” Maddow told the Herald yesterday. “Scott Brown made this up in order to make money off my name and likeness and I think he should stop. And I think he should apologize.”

Maddow, who lives in western Massachusetts, called Brown a “creep” in a planned MSNBC newspaper ad scheduled to run today and slammed him for sending out a nationwide fund-raising letter this week “smearing me to raise money for himself.”

However, the rumor sprang from a Facebook page launched by a liberal Northhampton radio host, was fueled by a mysterious tweet from the state Democratic party chairman and got pumped up as recently as Wednesday by the state’s Democratic governor.

Maddow is offended that Brown used the potential match-up for fund-raising.  So what does the failed Air America turned MSNBC host do?  She takes out a full-page ad to denounce him while promoting her unwatchable show.

Typical liberal.  Playing the victim while doing the same thing you accuse your foes of.

And Rachel dear, I wouldn’t worry too much about Scott Brown making money off of your likeness.


3 thoughts on “Maddow Calls Scott Brown A Creep For Using Senate Run Rumor To Raise Money…In Full-Page Ad To Promote Her Crappy Show

  1. Mr. Rachel Maddow is a typical leftwing jackass. Snark and sarcasm is her game, not insightful debate. Any one who was Keith Olbermann’s protege you know is a sicko.

  2. Blech……can’t belive I was born in the same town as Keith 0lberman’s awkward and gangly step-son. Oh wait….that’s Rachel Maddow.

    Friggin’ NoHo….went from a Norman Rockwell-esque New England town to a nest of sanctimonious and self-rightous vipers and vermin in less than a generation’s time….

  3. I’d pay money for her likeness, I could use it to potty train my puppy when I move into my house next month. Draw a cross hair on her face and tell him to poop right there.

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