Heartache For Husky Blogger: Obama Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Kill Eric Cantor

What’s this?  The only arrest made in response to all of the so-called threats from the right is a lefty Obama supporter who threatened to kill a Republican.  And to further the Husky Blogger’s heartache, the guy might just be an anti-semite. 

A Philadelphia man was charged Monday with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family in the first such arrest since an outbreak of harassment and vandalism began against members of Congress more than a week ago.

Norman Leboon, 33, posted a YouTube video last week in which he threatened to shoot Cantor, the second-ranking Republican in the House, and his family.

An affidavit released Monday did not say why Leboon allegedly wanted to harm Cantor, the only Jewish Republican member of Congress, but in the video, he calls Cantor “pure evil.”

“Remember Eric . . . our judgment time, the final Yom Kippur has been given,” he says in the profanity-laced video. “You are a liar, you’re a pig . . . you’re an abomination. You receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer’s abominations.”


Leboon gave $505 to Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign in 2008, according to Federal Election Commission records. The campaign plans to donate that amount to charity, according to DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan.

Another day, another blow to the narrative.  But don’t dismay Husky Blogger.  There’s always the Texas School Board, Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck’s “bad crazy” to focus on.  

Update:  Add racist flags to the list.

5 thoughts on “Heartache For Husky Blogger: Obama Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Kill Eric Cantor

  1. HAH! The donation to the 0bama campaign was a mere smokescreen……EVERYBODY knows that LeBoon is an operative of the nefarious Dominionist cabal headed by ExxonMobil, The Brotherhood, Fox news, Gold Merchants, Andrew Breitbart and the Texas Board of Education!
    The Pentagon shooter being a registered dem = PROOF that he was a right-wing racist teabagger!
    LeBoon donating $500 to 0bama’s campaign = PROOF that he’s in league w/talk radio hosts.

    /Just another day in the life of the race detective.

  2. Cripes….don’t know if you think it’s thread-worthy or not, but apparently now the freakin’ genius thinks the Tennessee state flag is some sort of neo nazi insignia……so does that mean his hero and creator of the internet, St. Albert of the drowning polar bears, is a neo nazi by extension?

    This dude is a plus-sized ass sombrero….it’s kind of funny and sad at the same time.

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