Teachers Union Costs Massachusetts $250 Million In Education Grants

The teachers union in Massachusetts has once again put its self-serving needs before the children they are supposed to be educating.

The Obama administration bypassed Massachusetts yesterday in awarding the first grants for school innovation, a loss of $250 million for a state widely viewed as a national leader in education excellence.

Delaware and Tennessee won first and second, respectively, in the Race to the Top competition. Massachusetts ranked 13th out of 16 finalists, putting it below Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana but ahead of Colorado, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts may have lost points for requiring union consent on enacting some plans to overhaul underperforming schools and for not changing state law to allow for unfettered growth of charter schools, according to the scores and written comments released yesterday by a five-member review panel.

Doing it all for the children.

3 thoughts on “Teachers Union Costs Massachusetts $250 Million In Education Grants

  1. As some one who has done substitute teaching work for many, many years, believe me when I say that most teachers just view their jobs as civil servants and cannot wait to retire and collect their pensions.

  2. I am glad, if that part about “requiring union consent” is true…..
    Howsomever, about those charter schools –that is the area in which the burgeoning creation of Muslim-only schools is being manifested……speaking, here, from sore knowledge within my own home state of MN…..

  3. Have you crunched the numbers on how much Massachusetts spends on developing, printing, administering, and grading the MCAS exams? The school I teach at in Boston has no electives- just math, English, science, and history. Some kids take Spanish, which is the only language here and is a requirement for graduation. Another graduation requirement, art, had been being “satisfied” by a creative writing course in the past, but there was no money this year for the English teacher who was cut at the end of the last year so there went “art”.

    What classes did you have as a high school student?

    I also welcome you to come into my classroom any day of the school year to try your hand at teaching. Door’s always open.

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