The long wait is over.  Red Sox v. Yankees in the season/home opener at Fenway Park tonight.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

First pitch at 8:05…Beckett on the hill.  A beautiful night for baseball. 

Go Sox!


5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Very nice! I’ll admit, watching that game when it was 5-1 the Bronx Demon Spawn was a chore- particularly after that double-steal of 2nd and home- but I liked what I saw from Pedroia and some of the ‘new’ guys like Cameron, Scutaro and Beltre…..

  2. OK, I admit it. I went to bed in disgust when the score was 5-1….woke up, flipped on TV and saw a replay of Papelbon on the hill with a score of 9-7 Sox and knew I blew it.

    • OMG! Turn in your Red Sox nation card RIGHT NOW!! Stone the unfaithful chowdahead!!///

      Do you think we’re going to see Scott Brown throw out a 1st pitch at Fenway this season?

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