Boston Tea Party – Seen and Heard

I just got back from the Tea Party on Boston Common.  What a great event!  I have heard crowd estimates of between 7,000 and 10,000.  The only hateful signs I saw were those being held by snotty, liberal college students who were hurling insults at Sarah Palin while she spoke.  There was a lot of PDS on display.  I saw people from all walks of life, of all races, young, old and in between – all of whom were there to express their opposition to the direction that Obama and the Democrats are trying to take our country. 

On the drive home I heard that some of the aforementioned college students threw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus.  I hope someone got video.  And I hope they got arrested.

Keith Olbermann would heart these guys

Another open-minded, tolerant liberal calling us retards while he spells “does” as “dose”

An obvious homophobe

Try telling that to the Husky Blogger

CNN’s David Gergen was strolling around without any press credentials – looking for racist  signs, I presume.

They look incredibly hateful if you ask me

The Hammer gets some love

OK then you must be a homophobe, cuz that’s what the Husky Blogger sez

More homophobes

Yeah, baby!

Toys today…your hard earned dollars tommow, kid.

This clown was one of the Sarah Palin hecklers

These enlightened college kidz thought they were making a brilliant point by calling the Boston Common socialist because its upkeep is paid for with tax dollars.  The dude with the skinny jeans wasn’t pleased when I pointed out that it’s the Boston Common – not Commons. 

The kid holding this sign was a foul-mouthed puke who heckled Sarah Palin while she gave her speech.  His friends were delighted with his antics.

“Biden” has become an adjective

Finally.  A raaaacist sign.

George would have been proud today

More to come!

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25 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party – Seen and Heard

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  2. What a vicious mob!

    In all seriousness, how sweet it is to have a BOSTON Tea Party. Thanks so much for the report, loppy!

  3. So all of the unemployable philosophy majors were out counter protesting- wow they must be an intimidating bunch. The guys probably were prepared to use their purses as weapons.

  4. Another open-minded, tolerant liberal calling us retards while he spells “does” as “dose”

    If he had changed “dose” to “does”, he still has “where does the insurance companies…”

  5. Even if the guy had managed to spell “does” correctly, the sentence is grammatically incorrect. It should be “where do the insurance companies….”

    Double FAIL.

  6. Given that it’s Boston….it would have been great if they’d re-enacted the original tea party. (I know, they probably couldn’t get permits….)

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