Ready To Party!

I’m heading to Boston for the Tea Party rally on the Common.  The organizers are expecting thousands to turn out to hear Sarah Palin and to protest against ObamaCare, tax increases, soaring deficits, ever-increasing government intrusion in our lives, Obama’s alarmingly naive national security policies, lack of transparency, etc. etc. etc.

I’ll be meeting up with a fellow Patriot to make a few signs.  I think one will be a sign to expose plants – with an arrow on it and I’ll stand next to the person.  If you have ideas for signs, please send them along.  I’ll have my iPhone with me and will be checking in and posting pics in the comments section of this post.

Oh and if you are going, shoot me an email at – I’ll check it on the dreaded T.

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Ready To Party!

  1. Have fun Lopps,looking forward to pics! Really wanted to go but the husband does not suffer libral idiots in his face, and being of Italian heritage… 😀

  2. Watch out for Union hens. The liberal hens are known to spontaneously abort their eggs in the presence of conservatives or even Americans! In Searchlight, NV, union hens migrated from all over the place to hurl their eggs on tour busses. It was quite a fertility ritual. That explains liberal propensity to abort their unborn as a matter of prophylaxis.

  3. Hi Loppy! Just got back from the tea party – had a great time. We couldn’t hear Sarah Palin consitently – speakers seemed to go in and out. Of course we were also standing near large group of college kids who were screaming, breaking out in song to keep people from hearing the speakers. The “counter” protesters are really a hate filled group. Great day regardless.

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