It’s Come To This: Green Sex

Who knew?

If you truly love the Earth, then you must learn how to make eco-friendly, sustainable love.

Put another way … green sex.

That’s the message from writer Stefanie Iris Weiss, who’s pushing the Prius version of l’amore to a nation hooked on Hummer love.

“EcoSex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable” is all about getting warm without the global warming guilt.

What, you thought the act of love was as natural as it gets? Au contraire!

“Hormone-based birth control is a landmine of horribleness,” the Manhattan-based author said. “It’s bad for the body, and marine life. Hormones get excreted into the water, and fish are becoming hermaphrodites.”

For women, she recommends IUDs, and for men, seek out “fair-trade” latex condoms that give the Third World a little love.

Imagine the scene:

Woman: “Is that a fair trade condom?”

Guy: “Huh?”

Woman: “Sorry, I am commited to having only green sex”

Guy: “Huh?”