It’s Just Flesh!

Rolls of it.  A quaint college town in Maine got an eyeful yesterday when some freaks decided to go topless to promote gender eqaulity.


About two dozen men and women bared their torsos in downtown Farmington today to make the statement that if men can go shirtless, women should be able to as well.

Traffic was slowed to a crawl and the sidewalks were packed with onlookers as the marchers passed by.

Dozens of men and women of all ages watched and took pictures of the marchers, who made no attempt to hide themselves, even in the few instances when cat-calls and lewd comments rose above the din.

In fact, not hiding themselves was the point.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” said Frances Smith of Farmington, when asked whether she noticed men staring at her bare chest. “Women should be able to walk down the street however they choose.”

Marina Langdon, who declined to say what town she is from, said that though she has never bared herself in public before, Friday’s march “didn’t feel awkward at all.”

The event was organized by Andrea Simoneau, a University of Farmington student from Brooks, who participated in a similar topless march in Portland earlier this month.

Pass the brain bleach.


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