Beautiful. US Census Gear Made Overseas

Did you even know there was Census swag?  Neither did I.  It seems as though some of it comes from overseas.

The feds spent millions to convince citizens that participating in the Census was as American as apple pie – but many of the T-shirts, hats, bags and other swag they handed out during the campaign were actually made overseas, the Herald has learned.

Boxes of freebies that landed in Boston as part of the federal government’s $42-million Census campaign included mini rubber footballs, toy robots, hats, T-shirts and tape measures made in China and Honduras.

“The only time it would be excusable for the federal government to spend taxpayer dollars overseas would be if we don’t make the items here in America,” said Tim Sullivan, legislative and communications director for the AFL-CIO, the state’s largest labor union.

I tend to think people aren’t clamoring for their “Be Counted” gear – no matter where it was made.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful. US Census Gear Made Overseas

  1. (Trying so hard not to ask the question, but canNOT resist! –I wonder what color those “mini rubber footballs” were…..)

  2. @ Fenway_Nation…..

    I doubt it. True story:
    Two weeks ago I spent 6 hours standing at a table in a public-rental storage shed, helping a women’s center lady earn $1,250 to help her build a home for unwed ladies-in-waiting, by us doing a special piece of work the USAF Reserve wanted done:
    They’d purchased, through a “middleman”, 5,000 backpacks they wanted, to give away to kids at colleges & high schools where they would give their spiel to get the kids to sign up…..
    Well, apparently the rules of the USAF Reserve say they have to purchase from U.S. companies….that’s what the middleman was for…..
    Us volunteers were to open each of those backpacks and snip off the little tag that said “made in China”…..
    (Still shakin’ my head –I didn’t find out that little bit of info until I’d already agreed to volunteer to help out my women’s center lady friend… I couldn’t back out…..)

  3. Unfortunately made in USA is fast becoming a quaint notion. Check out the labels on all your clothing on any given day.

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