Arlen Specter Is The Male Equivalent Of Martha Coakley

Snarlin’ Arlen is giving Martha (Marsha) Coakley a run for her money in the worst candidate evah contest.


The first time Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) slipped up here Tuesday night at the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, most in the audience pretended not to notice.

But at the end of his remarks when Specter again thanked the “the Allegheny County Republicans” for their endorsement, many couldn’t help but laugh nervously and shoot did-he-really-just-say-that looks at each other.

As amusing as it seemed to some of the Democrats in attendance, mistakes like that could end up costing him his job next Tuesday. It’s not that Specter is so precariously placed that he can’t weather the occasional gaffe, it’s that every little reminder of the 80-year-old’s Republican past chips away at his porcelain base in his new party.

“I think it’s not unusual for anybody to misspeak from time to time,” Specter shrugged to reporters after the dinner. “I’m not a television commentator. I’m not as smooth as you guys.”

No word on whether he called Terry Bradshaw a Patriots fan.

UPDATE: Specter is not having a good 48 hours.  He just snipped at Andrea Mitchell for asking why Obama is not coming to Pennsylvania to “help” his campaign.

Via Matt Lewis’ Twitter feed:

“How can you even ask that question seriously, Andrea?” – Specter pushing back at Andrea Mitchell’s q’s about why Obama isn’t coming to PA.

Um, maybe because doesn’t want to be 0-4 when it comes to campaigning for losers?


5 thoughts on “Arlen Specter Is The Male Equivalent Of Martha Coakley

  1. Oooh! Did we get in the requisite “Act like a lady!”?

    Snarlin’ Arlen jumping ship is probably the best thing that happened to they keystone state GOP. I remember some husky, pony-tailed blogger trying to pin it like it was some sort of profound loss for Republicans everywhere this time last year.

  2. If Arlen is the male equivalent to Martha Coakley, then CT. Senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal (D)(umb) is running a very close 2nd. Blumey is Chris Dodd with slicked backed hair. Blumey has no independent thought, only what the State DC tells him to think. Other than forcing businesses to leave our State, he has no idea what to do to bring business back into the State. When Chris Dodd was still running, his chances were in the toilet, even from the St. Dem’s. Once Dodd withdrew and Blumenthal threw his hat in, the same people that were against Dodd, all flocked to Blumey. Figure this one out. Same policies, different person. The State Dem’s are so in the tank for Blumey, that they will not even listen, nor grant permission for the other Democratic candidate to speak to the local Democratic town committee’s. One committee, has gone so far as to refuse him any kind of opportunity to speak to their committee, UNLESS he withdraws his name from consideration for the nomination. This same candidate wiped the floor with Blumenthal at the only debate, and since then Blumey will not even consider another one with this person. The CT. Democratic convention is next weekend, and it is almost a foregone conclusion that Blumey will get the parties nomination for Senate, however the other person running against Blumey needs 15% of the support to force a primary. My guess is that the St. Dem’s will work their (black) magic to ensure that the opponent to Blumey will not get the 15%. The hope here is that Linda McMahon, that’s right, the wife of WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon, will get the nomination for the Republican’s , here in CT. Anyone who has been watching Ct. TV stations, or listening to Ct. radio stations, can attest, Linda is running and running hard. My guess is, she gets the nomination, and goes head to head with Blumey. ROYAL RUMBLE Connecticut Style. Can lightning strike here too. Stay tuned.

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