James Clyburn: “Great Possibility” Greene Was Paid, Voting Machines Rigged

Must have been the same people who rigged the machines in Ohio back in ’04.

Watch the video here.

SC-Sen Clyburn On Greene Win: “Great Possibility” Someone Tampered With Machines

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) says US Senate candidate Alvin Greene’s (D-SC) win in last week’s primary race is highly suspicious.

Clyburn says South Carolina used voting machines that all other states rejected. In fact, they were bought from Louisiana, he said.

“Something went wrong with these machines,” Clyburn said. “They were very unreliable,” he added.

“All you need is a magnet” to compromise the machines, Rep. Clyburn said.

Who would have a motive? “The motive could very well be to embarass the Democratic party. This could be embarassing if we do not get it worked out. Or this could be someone who wanted to ensure a victory [for incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint],” Clyburn said.

Clyburn concluded there is a “great possibility” that someone paid for him to run and tampered with the machines.

Dude, the Democratic party doesn’t need any outside help to be embarrassed.


4 thoughts on “James Clyburn: “Great Possibility” Greene Was Paid, Voting Machines Rigged

  1. Well if they are questioning Green’s win because of “faulty voting machines” maybe we should question Clyburn’s win as well. Were the same “faulty voting machines” used for Clyburn to win?????? I personally think people voted for an unknown name because they are tired of the same lame pool to choose from.

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