4 Year-Old Girl Raped By Illegal Immigrant In Sanctuary State Massachusetts

Yes, you read that correctly.  Four. Years. Old.

From Michael Graham’s Boston Herald column:

For a little girl who spent this weekend lying in a Massachusetts hospital, the debate over illegal immigration isn’t about race or politics.

It’s about life and death.

Four-year-old Heidi was brutally raped on Saturday. Now she’s listed in “serious” condition at Baystate Medical Center.

Springfield police have charged 22-year-old Edlizar Mazariegos with aggravated rape of a child with force. Mazariegos, who regularly traveled up and down the East Coast without a driver’s license, is an illegal immigrant. As of this writing, he is on the run from Massachusetts police – likely for the first time ever.

He’s certainly had no need to run before.

This is, after all, “Welcoming Massachusetts,” where liberal Democrats openly support benefits for criminal immigrants and oppose immigration law enforcement.

Gov. Deval Patrick isn’t just ambivalent about border security, he’s openly hostile. He shut down Gov. Mitt Romney’s state police immigration-enforcement program and – in a moment of wince-inducing irony – was on my radio station repeating his opposition to local immigration enforcement even as the Herald was reporting the story of Heidi’s rape on its Web site.

This weekend, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona will be in Boston for the National Governors Association meeting. She’ll be greeted by protesters from groups who support Patrick’s pro-illegal stance, like the far-left ANSWER Coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Brewer will be denounced here by politicians and media pundits alike. But for what?

For a policy that, had it been in place in Massachusetts, could have prevented the rape of this little girl.

Nobody argues that all illegal immigrants are rapists, or that most of them commit violent crime. That’s clearly nonsense.

But what is inarguable is that politicians who allow criminal immigrants to live openly and easily in their states are, at some level, responsible for the crimes they may commit and the corruption they engender.

Deval Patrick should have to face the parents of little Heidi and explain to them why he is more concerned with giving animals like Mazariegos a driver’s license and in-state tuition than detaining them and sending them back to where they came from.

8 thoughts on “4 Year-Old Girl Raped By Illegal Immigrant In Sanctuary State Massachusetts

  1. Its sh*t like this that makes me long for the old days of street justice.To he11 with bleeding heart jurys and minimal sentences.

  2. Illegal immigrants are just raping the children that most Americans won’t rape….

    So has Rhode Island taken any flak from Beacon Hill for being Arizona before Arizona was Arizona? Or are they going to try and change the subject?

  3. He’s on the run. Try looking in New Haven, CT. That’s another “sanctuary city”. Any state that let’s this happen to their people, after protecting the illegals, get’s what they deserve. How about it “Massholes”, time to throw all of the “liberals” out, and start to protect your people.

    • Massachusetts is doing its best to drive working people out and to have a state full of government dependent O-bots. That’s protecting their people.Born there in 1963, left for good to NEVER go back 2009. Had a 8 year stint in the Army plus a three year road trip in the early 90’s due to a lack of work in the middle. They keep electing Democrats, and expect different results every time, the definition of insanity.Sorry to any of you all stuck there.

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