Court Rejects Obama’s Job-Killing Drilling Ban Appeal

As they should have. 

A federal appeals-court panel on Thursday quickly rejected the Obama administration’s bid to keep intact a moratorium on deepwater drilling while it appealed a federal judge’s decision overturning the ban.

The three-judge panel ruled that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar didn’t prove the U.S. would suffer irreparable harm without an immediate ban on exploratory drilling in deep waters.

“The secretary has failed to demonstrate a likelihood of irreparable injury if the stay is not granted,” reads the panel’s decision, issued late Thursday shortly after the panel heard arguments from both sides in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. “He has made no showing that there is any likelihood that drilling activities will be resumed pending appeal.”

The Interior Department didn’t have immediate comment.

The decision came quicker than expected as the judges announced Thursday that they would rule by early next week.

Another smackdown for Team O.


5 thoughts on “Court Rejects Obama’s Job-Killing Drilling Ban Appeal

  1. He really is a jobs killer isn’t he? 652,000 unemployed dropped out of job seeking last month (and no longer are counted in the unemployment statistics put out by the Labor Department) because there is no longer any (or much) hope for them finding work. Hundreds of thousands (probably millions actually) who have been laid off or will be laid off will never find meaningful employment again because of their age (people who are in their mid 40’s to late 50’s).

    Elections have consequences!

  2. Another judicial ping pong match. Next up, Salazar is going to place EPA restrictions on drilling. Ultimately these sobs will exhaust the drilling industry into submission. SOP for the manipulator in chief/con-stitutional scholar.

  3. I suspect there will be a second moratorium at work or the EPA and interior department will make the inspection and permit process so cumerbsome, lethargic and fraught with red tape that the net effect will be a second moratorium.

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