Not The Protest The Moonbats Had Hoped For

The National Governor’s Association is in town and, as expected, there was a protest outside of the kickoff event at Fenway Park last night.  But it wasn’t the protest the moonbats had hoped for.  Instead of a sea of  Mexican flag-waving crazies protesting the Arizona immigration law and Jan Brewer’s presence, at least two thousand Massachusetts police officers were outside to protest their governor and host of the conference, Deval Patrick.

As many as 2,000 cops from across the state picketed the first night of the National Governors Association meeting in Boston, shouting “Dump Deval!” as busloads of VIPs arrived for a dinner at Fenway Park [map] hosted by Gov. Deval Patrick.

It was the first of two major protests police unions have planned for Patrick as he hosts the nation’s governors this weekend. Officers are angry over layoffs, cuts to the Quinn Bill educational stipend, the use of flagmen at road construction sites and what they see as a broken campaign promise to put 1,000 more cops on the streets.

“When he was running against (former Attorney General) Tom Reilly he needed us, so he tried to appease us,” said Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association president Thomas Nee. “Things are not getting better out there, they’re getting worse. We’re starting to see it every weekend.”

Video here.

One of Deval Patrick’s many broken campaign promises was to put 1000 more cops on the streets.  It’s been almost four years and instead of new cops heading to the police academy, veterans are getting pink slips. 

Together we can.

5 thoughts on “Not The Protest The Moonbats Had Hoped For

  1. Sorry Boy’s. I am guessing that your union probably supported Deval, and Barry. In other words, you got what you asked for.
    How does it feel to have gotten it up the you know what, with out vaseline?
    Hurts don’t it.

  2. Thank you loppyd, for bringing my attention to this. Shared it, with an old Marine Corps Veteran, Pastor FB friend…..who yesterday posted this –this is the “new B.P.” that hampered voting, back in Nov. ’08 …..did you see it yet?? : )

  3. Man….I sure hope they thoroughly sanitzed Fenway for the Futures game today. I say that with Paterson, Patrick, Granholm, Quinn and Crist in mind.

    Despite having moved out of Massachusetts a dozen or so years prior, how did I know Deval Patrick was going to be a dud?

    Simple….on one of those ESPN Talking Heads shows (Around the horn?) you had the Boston Glob columnist closing out the show gushing about how the commonwealth elected its first black governor…..nothing about his accomplishments or stance on the issues….just ‘Hooray! We elected a black governor!’

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