Auntie Z’s Breathtaking Arrogance

Last night Obama’s Auntie Z. sat down for an interview with the local CBS affiliate here in Boston.  Her arrogance and disdain for the people from whom she has been accepting handouts for the last decade was breathtaking. Sound familiar?

I guess we know what side of the family the arrogance gene comes from.

4 thoughts on “Auntie Z’s Breathtaking Arrogance

  1. Speaking of family trees (raaaaacist!) does anyone have a tally on the number of sibs the smartest potus evah has? I mean,does he even know?

      • Thanks loppy. 🙂 Big families are great,just curious if he even has contact with all of them.We know George lives in a shack in Nairobi,wonder if any of the other Kenyans are here courtesy of the taxpayers dime.

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