Bombastic Barney Blows Off Debate With Opponent

Barney says he’s too good, er, too busy to debate.

(FOX 25 / – We invited incumbent Barney Frank (D) to debate Sean Bielat (R). Sean Bielat was live in our Dedham studio. Barney Frank, who has held the seat since 1981, was unable to join us.

Frank’s office told us, The congressman is busy in Washington being a congressman. He welcomes debates, but due to scheduling conflicts he couldn’t make it tonight.

Watch Video Here

Next thing you know, he’ll be scoffing at the idea of shaking hands with the masses outside of Fenway Park and calling Curt Schilling a Yankees fan.

4 thoughts on “Bombastic Barney Blows Off Debate With Opponent

  1. Usually he waits until the discussion has started before blowing it off, e.g.,

    Maybe he’s embraced the idea of pre-emption? Nah…

    Let’s get rid of this guy. If you’re here in MA, you can help us make videos that aim to do just that:
    Proud to be Blog of the Day at Legal Insurrection. (loppyd, if I’m hijacking your comments, please feel free to delete.)

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