“Gutierrez si! Rahm no!”

I’m guessing Rahm’s first day on the campaign trail was not what he had envisioned.

Can’t he just eat his eggs?

But as he wolfed down scrambled eggs and sipped coffee at Izola’s Restaurant on 79th Street with three patrons, some residents tried to interrupt, blaming the former White House strategist for a lack of jobs on the South Side. As the cameras rolled, Emanuel stood up and tried to quell the simmering scene, explaining how he felt the Obama administration had helped create jobs.

“You are going to be asked some hardball questions and get your bat out,” Paul Johnson, 49, eventually told Emanuel. “Welcome to Chicago.”

At which point, Rahm was making plans to send a dead fish to the person behind naming his first days on the trail the “Tell It Like It Is Tour” – Axelrod, perhaps?

Emanuel also visited Pilsen, where he met with United Neighborhood Organization CEO Juan Rangel, a strong ally of Mayor Richard Daley’s. Rangel said he wasn’t endorsing Emanuel but felt he was among several candidates who are qualified to be mayor. Emissaries from those campaigns also greeted Emanuel outside Nuevo Leon restaurant on 18th Street.

Supporters of U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and former Chicago Public School Board President Gery Chico rallied around the restaurant catcalling as Emanuel made his way down the block. Some local activists also handed out fliers ripping Emanuel for being part of a White House that some feel hasn’t been active enough on immigrant rights.

“Gutierrez si! Rahm no!” several people chanted outside, while Chico’s supporters gathered signatures to get their candidate on the ballot.

“We’ll be ceding no ground to Rahm Emanuel or anybody else,” said Robert Reyes, a Chico spokesman.

Even potential rivals who weren’t there tried to pile on Emanuel, who has garnered national media attention for jumping into the local race.

“It’s a great restaurant visited by tourists,” said City Clerk Miguel del Valle, who has said he’s running to be mayor. “It’s a must stop for tourists, and I can understand why Rahm went there on his first day back.”

I think this photo sums up his reception perfectly: