Barney Frank Remains Bitter And Obnoxious In Victory Speech

How one handles defeat says a lot about a person.  How one handles victory says even more.  Barney Frank was his usual small, mean and bitter self in his victory speech last night.

A cranky U.S. Rep. Barney Frank blasted the Herald last night as “irrelevant,” even as surging Republicans grabbed control of the U.S. House and swept him from his lofty perch as chairman of the powerful financial services committee.

“With the re-election of the Massachusetts delegation and Gov. Deval Patrick, we can reaffirm the complete political irrelevance of the Boston Herald,” Frank told more than 100 supporters at the Crowne Plaza in Newton. “There is no limit to the bias and vitriol they unleashed.”

They say you get the government you vote for.  The people in Barney Frank’s district have made it clear that they want this porcine, obnoxious, pompous ass to represent them in Washington.

Update: Howie Carr reminds Barney that irrelevance awaits him on Capitol Hill.

You want to talk irrelevant? How about an over-the-hill back-bencher whose district is just crying out to be eliminated in the upcoming redistricting?

12 thoughts on “Barney Frank Remains Bitter And Obnoxious In Victory Speech


    Last Night the People who reside outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts made a profound statement and voted in change. The Republicans now have an outstanding majority in the House of Representatives, increased their seats in the Senate and won numerous Governors races. (Over 30 states now have Republican Governors).

    Where does that leave us- we have nothing. We now send Barney Frank, Ed Markey and the entourage back to a Republican controlled House and they will be nothing but empty suits without any power. Frank and Markey will be stripped of their chairmanships and along with the rest of the entourage they will be powerless. Now they truly have nothing to do.

    Somehow the Democrats could not get over the Brown victory. The machine came in and swept up the state.

    We now have a Governor who was elected by less than 50% of the People- how enlightening. Biogen announced today the lay-off of 650 people and the closing of two offices in Massachusetts. How do we like that “Hope and Change” ?

    Thank You

    • Very profound and very accurate….one needs to
      listen to Barney Frank’s exceptance speech to realize what an angry, small man he really is! filled
      with hate and distain for the very people that were
      dumb enough to keep him in a powerful postion.
      The highlight of my night was saying goodbye to
      putrid Polosi……..”The Fraud’s” seat in Illinois went
      to a Republican and does’nt that just say it all.

  2. These jackazzes are never happy,so humorless. They’ve come this close to destroying our country and are still miserable.You might think they did not achieve their intended goals.

    • Some of the “voters” who “voted” for him are probably DEAD. Or they’re people who have moved away, convicted felons, non-citizens, or other ineligibles who have not been properly removed from the voter rolls.

  3. What is it with this state? Along with what Plato said that these reps will now be stripped of any chairmanships etc. I take some consolation in the fact that the democrat party had to spend millions in MA to win.

    Now I’m planning my trips to NH to do as much of my Christmas shopping as possible outside of MA.

    • I was thinking today- where can you go on vacation, shop and maybe ship items home- I thought Las Vegas-

      Forget it- why support Reid Nation!

  4. Connecticut and MASSACHUSETTS, are one and the same. Both States have no idea of what is going on, and both of them are sending D’s back to Washington to now become irrelevant. Add to that the new Senator…………Senator Liar (he worked hard for that) Richard Blumenthal. Wonder if Senator Liar will stop over at the Viet Nam Memorial and see the names of those THAT REALLY WENT, and made the sacrifice.

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