Yet Another ACORN Employee Convicted of Voter Fraud; 15th So Far This Year

Can we get to sweet sixteen before the end of the year?  

Yet another former ACORN employee was convicted of voter fraud last week. This brings the total number of convictions for former workers from the embattled group to at least 15 so far this year.

Kevin L. Clancy of Milwaukee pleaded guilty last week to participating “in a scheme to submit fraudulent voter registration applications,” according to Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. Clancy admitted to filing multiple voter registration applications for the same individuals and registering himself and other voter registration canvassers to vote multiple times while working on an ACORN voter drive.

Clancy received a 10-month prison term for his crime. Clancy’s sentence will begin when he completes another sentence he is currently serving for armed robbery.

“The integrity of elections is dependent upon citizens and officials insisting they be conducted lawfully,” Van Hollen said. “Wisconsin’s citizens should not have to wonder whether their vote has been negated or diminished by illegally cast ballots.”

No comment from ACORN’s most famous worker, the Community Organizer in Chief.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another ACORN Employee Convicted of Voter Fraud; 15th So Far This Year

  1. Each and every thug involved with this crime syndicate should have a RICO indictment shoved up their snouts. 👿

    Loppy,Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,including the littlest loppster! 😀

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